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Three steps of bringing foreign workers to the Republic of Croatia:

1. Recruitment of workers

We carry out the selection of candidates through a process of detailed interviews and testing, and we only start the process of bringing them to Croatia when we are sure that we have found a suitable worker.



2. Work permits

The process of bringing workers takes an average of 90 days. We cannot influence some things, since they are carried out by the CES, MIA and MFA in accordance with the Aliens Act.

3. Employment of workers
Our work does not end with the arrival of the worker and the signing of the employment contract, because we stay with you the whole time as mediators between you and the worker.

What is more worthwhile, payroll or direct employment?

The payroll model implies the monthly payment of an agency commission, which depends on several factors, and each client is approached individually depending on their needs.

With direct employment, there is a one-time cost of a work permit and application to the MUP, however, there are no agency costs.

When to use temporary employment services?

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• seasonality of business - temporary need to increase the number of workers due to seasonal increase in production and other needs
• employment bans (headcount freeze) - seconded workers are not included in the labor cost
• the need to assess workers' skills before direct employment
• needs to simplify administration – the agency performs all administrative and accounting services related to workers and thus enables the user to focus on his core business
If you are looking for the service of temporary employment of candidates and want to hear more details about our services, feel free to contact us.